What is Connective Ecommerce?

What is Connective Ecommerce?

It's difficult to begin an online store from scratch. Building a website, keeping track of stock, promoting your business, and other related tasks all require careful planning. A well-established online business might be expensive to launch, but this is not mandatory.

Envision a plan that allows you to open and expand your online shop with minimal initial investment. It saves you the cost of advertising, having an employee manage stock, and hiring a web designer. Cortney Fletcher, an entrepreneur, has given this approach the label "connective eCommerce."

Recently, "connective eCommerce" has become a trendy term for the newest development in the industry. Despite the multitudes of people who are interested in this topic, finding the answers they're looking for will cost them money.

Some who advocate for "connected" eCommerce will tell you that this is precisely what makes it possible to lessen these dangers. They claim that by using this strategy, even those with less technical knowledge will have a wider range of opportunities to run this company.

Read on to discover what connective eCommerce is all about, its origins, the process, the course, its legitimacy, and reliability.

Connective eCommerce Definition

Connective eCommerce is an approach that purports to minimize three possible "risks" connected with online sales: employing a developer to design your website or online store, managing your own inventory and shipping, and paying for PPC or advertisements immediately.

Connective eCommerce claims that using a preset template is all you need to know to launch a successful e-commerce site.

Ironically, as an alternative to managing your own stock and delivery, connected eCommerce encourages you to seek out reliable vendors for these functions.

Additionally, instead of spending money on marketing and "hoping that sales would come in," it recommends relying only on free measures to boost retail foot traffic.

Connected eCommerce is based on the premise that any firm may start up and grow "quickly and efficiently" with no initial financial outlay. In fact, it feeds on those who want to break into online retail but aren't prepared to put in the effort required to do it properly. The fact is that making online shopping as easy and secure as possible is just as challenging and time-consuming as any other type of business.

Origin of Connective eCommerce

The program was established by Cortney Fletcher, who also serves as its current director. There isn't much of Cortney Fletcher's work available online. This is to be expected, given that she is employed in a sector closely tied to online trade. There's little information about her past except that she dropped out of college and became a multimillionaire through online sales.

While still a student, she had the chance to do volunteer work with groups that provide services to individuals in need. As a result, she started helping out at several organizations.

It wasn't until she was introduced to network marketing that she realized she could make money on her own terms. She decided to forgo a promising academic future in favor of pursuing her passion full-time, and the decision changed the course of her life.

After four years of hardship, she discovered the convenience of online shopping. In the early days of her e-commerce venture, she was able to not only establish a prosperous enterprise, but also help others do the same, opening their own thriving online stores and living their dreams. With this, the concept of "connected eCommerce" began.

How Connective eCommerce Works

To comprehend how Connective eCommerce operates, examine each of the three online business components it eliminates: web design, inventory storage and fulfillment, and product promotion.

If you're not knowledgeable with web design, setting up an online shop might be a headache. There's also the fact that it might be too expensive for startups to hire a web developer.

Rather than spending money on a web developer, you may save time and money by building a functional eCommerce platform on your own with the help of premade templates, how-to guides, and other resources.

You may get started with any of these three platforms: Shopify, BigCommerce, or WooCommerce. No matter what route you take, you can easily set up a functional e-commerce website without breaking the bank. Some connected eCommerce practitioners have claimed that with just $100, you may strike out on your own and be completely independent.

In terms of inventory storage, you don’t need to turn your garage into a warehouse. Connected eCommerce helps you find reliable suppliers that will send your items directly to your customers. You may choose between drop-shipping and affiliate marketing. Both have low entry barriers and can teach you the ins and outs of operating an internet business from the ground up.

If you want more people to come into your business, but don't want to spend money on advertising and hope that some of them buy something, you may try some free strategies instead. You can stop advertising while you're still in the testing phase.

Connective eCommerce is dedicated to assisting you with the rapid validation of your business. It aims to fine-tune your store's settings, products, and copy so that it performs flawlessly and makes money.

Once you know how to generate free traffic, you can put those funds to work expanding your business through paid advertising. Also, you have improved the upkeep of your business, made your items more relevant to your audience, and bolstered the effectiveness of your message. As a result, the connective eCommerce approach provides a steadier growth for your business and a more structured and certain path to success.

Legitimacy of Connective eCommerce

The concept of "connected eCommerce" is a not a scam. Nevertheless, it is merely a fancy word for dropshipping that eCom Babes made up to make the name of their course sound more interesting. As it seems to make selling online too easy, many individuals get the impression that it is a scam.

As a matter of fact, a Connective eCommerce is a necessary option to boost business objectives by enhancing customer experience, increasing engagement, and ensuring a reliable supply chain to fulfill online purchases.

It's likely that if you've ever thought about starting an online store, you've done some research on the topic online. Several guides and videos can be found on YouTube that detail how to maximize your earnings on Amazon.

If something is easy to perform, one could wonder why it wasn't done sooner. In today's fast-paced world, digital is the standard for conducting business. Having it in place is no guarantee of success, though.

Making money in Connective eCommerce requires careful planning and execution. In addition, before beginning any commercial endeavor, careful preparation is essential.


A lot of pressure and difficulty goes into keeping a business running smoothly. This is not only interesting, but also exhilarating. The process includes both highs and lows, and you shouldn't try to avoid them.

Don't be hesitant about seeking support but understand that you'll need to put in some effort in many cases. Whilst you should consider the others’ assistance like that of connected eCommerce, ultimately it is up to you to choose what sets you apart from the others.

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