15 Small Businesses in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken, NJ
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Hoboken, New Jersey, is a small city along the famous Hudson River just across the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan.

This former industrial port became a city in 1855.

It is the hometown of legendary singer Frank Sinatra.

Besides its unparalleled Manhattan skyline view, gorgeous parks and waterfronts, and charming neighborhoods, Hoboken is a growing city in Hudson County.

This city mainly focuses on the food and beverage industries and leisure, offering diverse job opportunities.

Its proximity to Manhattan and New York makes Hoboken one of the cities in the Garden State with a higher standard of living.

Nonetheless, it remains one of the most sought-after communities in New Jersey to start a small business.

Read this curated list of small businesses in Hoboken, New Jersey.

Hudson Paperie


Hudson Paperie is a unique gift shop that specializes in spectacular paper art.

You can visit its shop along First Street.

This shop is known throughout Hudson County for its spot-on custom-made gorgeous crafted stationery papers used for various occasions.


This shop opened in 2015, is one of the best places to get your gift wrap topped with uniquely designed paper art with perfect geometric shapes, making a gift more special.

Besides being a full-service stationery paper studio specializing in paper arts, Hudson Paperie offers various related services.

They also offer wedding and unique event design, making them a dynamic local business worth checking out.

Number Eleven Food Store

Number Eleven Food Store is a former long-standing pizzeria now serving locals with its mouthwatering quick-order Asian food.

You can visit its small but always packed restaurant along Garden Street.

This restaurant is a favorite takeaway and pickup food store.

It has a small eatery serving your favorite Asian dishes such as orange chicken, fried rice, dumplings, etc.

It has an eclectic menu of Asian food with slightly fusion dishes as a refreshing way to introduce itself to locals from being a former pizzeria.

Although it has a spare dining environment, its food speaks otherwise.

Its drunken noodle and bao buns are to die for.

Drop by Number Eleven Food Store to treat your tastebuds to some excellent Asian dishes in Hoboken.

Zack's Oak Bar & Restaurant


Zack's Oak Bar & Restaurant is one of Hoboken's beloved places for delicious food, good times, and warm hospitality.

You can visit this place along Willow Avenue in an 1880s historic building that served as a tavern back in the day.

This family-run restaurant and tavern have been known for its comfort food and microbrewery since 1997.

It has a cozy but lively dining room adjacent to its bar area, where you can enjoy your happy hour and meal.


Some of its must-tries include penne vodka, seared salmon with spinach, steak n fries, stuffed chicken, braised short ribs, and plenty more.

Pair these delectable meals with a glass of wine from its extensive collection, or perhaps try its microbrew craft beer or imported beer.

Bring your friends or loved ones to Zack's Oak Bar & Restaurant for a splendid lunch, dinner, or happy hour.


Luna Rosa Home

Luna Rosa Home is a charming gift and linen shop providing locals with excellent products for many years.

You can find its shop along Washington Street.

Hoboken has dozens of locally-owned boutiques and shops.

However, not all have the appeal and unique products you can buy at this store.

So, it's considered a local gem for many in Hoboken.

It's where most locals grab their new linens and bedding.

At the same time, it's a great gift shop that offers body care, fragrances, decors, and gorgeous home products that will likely tempt you to add them to your cart.

Luna Rose Home often changes its displays, offering plenty of options for your home, making it a recommended place to drop by.



Tally-Ho is one of the numerous bars you'll find around Hoboken.

You can visit this bar along Washington Street.

It's a lively, brick-walled pub with giant television screens showing various sports games.

It also has a beer pong and shuffleboard table for other bar-related activities.

Hoboken locals love to watch their favorite hockey, baseball, football, or basketball games at this place and enjoy a cold drink with their buddies.


The place has a fantastic selection of drinks, from beer to wine, spirits, and cocktails.

These are best paired with great entertainment from its live games and its lively atmosphere.

Next time you plan to watch a game, head to the Tallyho and find the best spot in this bar.

Pour Amor

Pour Amor is one of the dozens of coffee shops you'll stumble upon while strolling through Hoboken's charming tree-lined streets.

This coffee shop is situated along Washington Street.

It specifically categorizes itself as a specialty coffee shop.

It serves some of the best coffee varieties from different regions in South America and other places worldwide.

It has a quirky small café, always packed with locals and coffee connoisseurs sipping and passing the time with a delicious cup of coffee.

Its owners also run a restaurant and a bagel shop within Hoboken.

Whether you're a coffee connoisseur who craves rare coffee blends or needs a daily caffeine fix, Pour Amor is the best place to have both.

The Hive


The Hive is a coffee shop that identifies itself as a coffee-retail play concept store.

You can visit this coffee shop along Park Avenue.

This coffee shop is a unique place to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Its owners, both proud moms, conceptualized a space that caters to parents and their children.


It has a safe and wonderful play space for toddlers, with creativity-enhancing toys and colorful features.

On the other hand, grownups are guaranteed to appreciate the café adjacent to its play space serving your favorite coffee, whether iced or hot.

Plus, you can pair it with its delicious pastries and treats.

Overall, The Hive is a unique and wonderful place to grab your daily caffeine fix while letting your toddler enjoy it.


Village Market

Village Market is a beloved neighborhood convenience store.

You can shop at this store along Washington Street.

This convenience store mainly sells liquor and some essential grocery items.

It's one of the most beloved stores for Hoboken locals to grab their favorite alcoholic drinks and essentials.

It has an extensive beer, wine, and spirit selection, giving you plenty of choices whenever you thirst to unwind and enjoy a bottle or two.

In addition, it has an amiable owner whom locals have known for a long time.

Like most local convenience stores, Village Market is a charming place to shop and mingle with locals, giving you that homey feeling.

Ali's Food Truck

Ali's Food Truck is a well-known Middle Eastern American Halal food truck.

They serve equally delicious chicken rice, gyros, and falafel platters as the Halal Guys in downtown Manhattan.

When craving Middle Eastern and Mediterranean dishes, head to River Street and join the long queue of hungry customers.

This food truck features halal dishes, which are seasoned to perfection.

You'll likely queue in line for about 20 to 30 minutes to order with Hoboken locals to get their meals.

Nonetheless, Ali's Food Truck's famous chicken rice, falafel, and gyros are worth the wait.

Riverside Handyman Services


Riverside Handyman Services specializes in various repairs, installations, and other home improvement services.

This Hoboken-based family-run business operates throughout Hudson County.

It started operating in 2016 as a stand-alone home improvement business after working for other contractors in 2000.

They are the go-to home improvement professionals for locals in Hudson County.

Some of its specialty services include electrical, handyman work, plumping, fixture installations, painting, and home repairs.

Riverside Handyman Services is a tested name for home improvement needs, which earned them the respect of locals in this field.

Little City Books

Little City Books is a go-to place for affordable and quality books.

You can visit this bookstore along Bloomfield Street.

It opened in 2015 and is owned by three women from different fields with the same passion for books.

Unlike other bookstores in Hoboken, this one has that homey feel right after stepping inside its doors.

It has a welcoming staff that will gamely answer your questions.

Plus, it has long winding shelves filled with thousands of books, magazines, and reads that will keep you occupied for an or two.

So, drop by Little City Books and check out its latest collection.

The Shepherd & the Knucklehead of Hoboken


The Shepherd & the Knucklehead of Hoboken serves your favorite beer and spirits and delicious brunch and pub fare.

This family-run bar, situated along Willow Avenue, has been a haven for Hoboken bargoers since 1998.

It got its unique name bar from a book title written by the owner's son.

Spending your evening or happy hour at this bar lets, you enjoy over 90 taps of craft beer and mainstream brands.


Besides its wide array of craft beer on tap, it serves delicious entrees and brunch.

Also, the Shepherd & the Knucklehead of Hoboken has regular nightly activities.

That includes musical performances, DJ nights, trivia nights, etc., making this an excellent place to unwind.


Panela Hoboken

Panela Hoboken is a fusion restaurant serving American and South American dishes.

You can visit this restaurant along Newark Street.

Dining at this restaurant offers you a unique experience of its jungle-inspired dining area.

The owners complement the unique interior with its refreshing and playful cocktails and dishes.

Many locals love to reserve a table at this restaurant to enjoy its small and shareable plates of Latin fusion dishes.

Some of its must-tries include pollo al ladrillo, asado de res pappardelle, cachapa, and plenty more.

Check out Panela Hoboken, bring your loved ones or friends, and treat them with mouthwatering dishes.

Donovans Dogs


Donovans Dogs specializes in playgroups, dog-sitting, and overnight care.

Its dog sitters operate throughout Hudson County.

After it opened its business in 2010, this company has become one of the go-to dog sitters in the area.

They are well known for their fun playgroups where your pup can enjoy mingling with other dogs.


Its dog sitters usually take your dog to lovely places around Hoboken, such as Elysian dog runs, Church Square, or Southwest.

Also, they offer regular dog walks whenever you're too preoccupied with more important matters.

They also offer overnight care for dog owners with out-of-town affairs.

Check out Donovan Dogs if you're looking for trusted dog sitters.


Revival Vintage Boutique

The fashion of the yesteryears will find its way back to the present day.

With that in mind, refresh your wardrobe with gorgeous vintage outfits at Hoboken's Revival Vintage Boutique.

You can visit this store along Park Avenue.

This vintage clothing store specializes in selling pre-loved and brand-new vintage-inspired clothes.

It has been one of the locals' go-to clothing stores for these kinds of fashion apparel since 2008.

Its owner, an avid vintage clothing collector, shared her passion for this aspect of fashion with everyone in her community.

You can visit its shop and marvel at its massive vintage clothing collection, which will tempt you to go shopping.

Drop by Revival Vintage Boutique and enjoy mixing and matching various clothing to achieve that stunning look.

Final Thoughts

Hoboken is a great place to discover local and small businesses with unique and inspiring stories to tell.

Most of Hoboken's small businesses focus on food and beverage services, which makes this small city a great place for foodies to explore.

Whether you're visiting Hoboken or planning to settle there, you're guaranteed to have everything you want and need conveniently.

Support the small businesses in Hoboken, New Jersey!

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