Best SaaS App Stores and Marketplaces

23 Best SaaS App Stores and Marketplaces

Perhaps the first two things that come to mind when you hear "App Store" are Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store.

However, you may not be aware that there are numerous app stores and platforms where you can publish your software, thus exposing it to tens of thousands of potential customers and opening the door to fresh income sources. These online stores sell products that your target consumers use on a regular basis.

As the software as a service (SaaS) market matures, the significance of the app store paradigm rises. In the last few years, numerous industry leaders in software development (Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, etc.) have released their own SaaS app store, allowing their users to directly utilize SaaS from other providers.

SaaS marketplaces and app stores are typically managed by bigger corporations with an existing client base.

On the other hand, marketplaces function as a central hub where users can browse available apps and click through to individual app pages where they can learn more, give the app a test drive, or make a purchase. For even more natural app finding, the marketplace could be an integrated part of the product's user interface or a dedicated section of the primary website.

It's not uncommon for a marketplace to demand that your site connect with theirs. To determine which marketplace is best for your product, think about what features you can add to the marketplace and which features your product will bring to the marketplace.

Read on to discover the best App Stores and Marketplaces for SaaS:

athenahealth Marketplace

The athenahealth Marketplace is the biggest EHR app shop, where users can discover cutting-edge healthcare IT solutions that enhance athenahealth products and let users build more customized experiences to meet their organizations' unique requirements.

Customers can improve practice productivity, raise patient happiness, and involve patients in their own treatment by utilizing solutions provided by Marketplace partners. More than 300 options in 62 categories are available on the Marketplace and operate in tandem with athenaOne, athenahealth's networked platform.

Atlassian Marketplace

Customers of Atlassian can browse, test, and purchase apps for Atlassian products on the Atlassian Marketplace. In order to personalize and expand your Atlassian experience, you can use applications. Atlassian and other companies' applications are available in the Marketplace.

There are currently over 5,300 apps and features available from 1,250+ Marketplace Partners, and users are installing 28,000 apps per week.

Atlassian Marketplace allows you to improve upon your preferred tools and get compensated for it, and is one of the biggest business software marketplaces with over $1B in lifetime sales. Fifty companies created on Marketplace have reached $1M in annual income. The first year's income from any new apps you create for our cloud products is currently yours to keep.

Chrome Web Store

The Chrome Web Store is where you can discover add-ons, plugins, and skins for the Chrome web browser. These new features expand Chrome's usefulness. The Chrome Web Shop offers a number of complimentary add-ons that can be downloaded and used. A Google Payments account is required to purchase and download applications, addons, and browser themes.

Installing Chrome browser add-ons from the Chrome Web Store is the safest option. There are over 190,000 add-ons and internet applications available here. You can discover a password organizer or an extension to help you be more creative, among other things.

Constant Contact Marketplace

Email marketing has never been easier than with Constant Contact. It's made for companies that want to improve their advertising strategies.

In Constant Contact Marketplace, you can find applications, interfaces, and services offered by approved partners. So that you can have confidence in the compatibility and value addition of our goods, we test all third-party applications and integrations. Listing your app will expose it to our user base and generate inquiries and recommendations for your business.

Eventbrite App Marketplace

The Eventbrite App Marketplace is a two-in-one platform, serving as a hub for event organizers and a platform for software businesses interested in partnering with Eventbrite. Discover 100+ applications, from email and social media marketing to badge printing, that link with Eventbrite and help you develop your event your way.

Event organizers can find useful time-saving and productivity-boosting applications in the Eventbrite App Store. Partners can access the Eventbrite API and work together with Eventbrite for reciprocal development through the Eventbrite App Marketplace partner program.

Hootsuite App Directory

There are many useful applications and tools available for free and for a price in the Hootsuite App Directory. You can tailor the features of your Hootsuite dashboard to meet the unique requirements of your company by downloading the aforementioned apps.

Hubspot App Marketplace

Over 95,000 customers have used the Hubspot App Marketplace to find and implement integrations with other services in order to modify the Hubspot API to better suit their requirements. Hubspot is a great place to promote your app, whether it's meant to boost customer relationship management, sales, or marketing.

If you list your API integration on this platform, it will be immediately available to startups, freelancers, and companies of all sizes that use Hubspot. By skipping the tedious and time-consuming standard procedures for expanding a software company, you can focus on reaching the people who could benefit most from your app.

Github Marketplace

The GitHub Marketplace is a public, searchable, and browsable hub where you and other GitHub Enterprise Cloud users can distribute and promote your applications and activities.

Developers who are interested in enhancing their GitHub processes can be found through the GitHub Marketplace. In the GitHub Marketplace, you can provide both free and purchased resources to the coder community. There are two kinds of tools available to coders on GitHub Marketplace: GitHub Actions and Applications.

In GitHub's app marketplace, individuals can freely distribute their apps to one another, but only apps held by companies can be sold.

Google Workspace Marketplace

You can find many business applications that supplement the stock Google Cloud apps in the Google Workspace Marketplace. As long as you have a Google Account, you can access the Google Workspace Marketplace. The App Launcher is where you go to access your applications after they have been loaded.

Users and admins can quickly and easily discover and set up compatible third-party apps through the Google Workspace Store.

Add-ons for Google Workspace, Editor, Education, Drive, the Web, and even Android can all be shared with the world. The Google Chat bot library is another place where you can release your Chat applications.

Keap Marketplace

Keap Marketplace has been called Infusionsoft Marketplace until June 2022. With the first-of-its-kind project matching service, customers have instantaneous entry to an extensive network of partners and service providers that can optimize their use of Keap to accelerate development. The Marketplace is also useful for Keap's partners because it gives them a location to expand their businesses and better service Keap's customers.

This new marketplace will aid business owners and their dedicated staff in overcoming crucial obstacles at every level of their development. The Keap Marketplace connects businesses in need of sales and marketing assistance with freelancers and agencies who can fill in the voids. Later-stage businesses, on the other hand, can gain from working with partners that can implement sophisticated sales and marketing automation strategies in order to maximize their processes as they grow.

Mindbody Partner Store

Access third-party products and services designed to work with Mindbody through the Mindbody Partner Store.

Tools for advertising, customer networks, website maintenance, and more are all part of the service.

Since the Mindbody Partner Store is provided by a third party, Mindbody makes no guarantees, promises, or representations of any kind, either explicit or implied, about the Partner Store or the goods or services offered therein.

Quickbooks Apps

Connecting your QuickBooks Apps account to the eCommerce software makes it easier for you to manage your online shop. By integrating your eCommerce software, you can easily keep track of your sales, goods, and stock while also automating your bookkeeping processes.

Over 450 business apps can be integrated with QuickBooks to help you work more efficiently.

Pipedrive Marketplace

The Pipedrive Marketplace is an app store where users can find and download tools that will enhance and broaden their use of the Pipedrive platform. This is where users will go to look for and download your app if you create one.

Integrate Pipedrive with the resources utilized by your sales staff. Installing applications and centralizing your tools will streamline your productivity by making them more compatible with one another. Browse our ever-expanding selection of apps or use our CRM Marketplace to find brand new ones that suit your specific requirements.

Salesforce AppExchange

If you're looking for a cloud marketplace for your business, look no further than Salesforce AppExchange. Accelerate time to value and cover more ground in your Customer 360 with tried and true tools and specialists, no matter where you are or what you're selling. You can choose the best app or expert with complete confidence thanks to the over 115,000 customer reviews and 10 million installs available.

Every single one of the Salesforce AppExchange apps was developed by a company that is a partner of Salesforce. It is a platform for third-party developers to share their add-ons for Salesforce. Salesforce admins can also find and implement useful apps for their organization on AppExchange.

Shopify App Store

You may find Shopify-compatible apps in the Shopify App Store. The apps can be used for anything from managing inventory and sales to promoting the store and even running the business itself. The App Store has an application (app) for just about any task you can think of.

When it comes to expanding the functionality of your Shopify store, the App Store is where it's at. Before downloading an app from the App Store, you can see what other people think of it, get a glimpse at what it looks like in action with screenshots, and learn more about it in the form of user reviews.

Anyone with a Shopify store who wants to expand its functionality should check out the Shopify App Store. There's an app for that, and there are so many of them now that you can probably find one that does exactly what you need it to do.

Slack App Directory

Discover new apps with the help of the Slack App Directory. All published apps have been carefully vetted by our expert editors to ensure they meet our strict standards of excellence. You and your team can access the best tools in the world with the over 2,400 apps available in the Slack App Directory.

Even though you're not required to use the App Directory to disseminate your apps, doing so can increase both exposure and downloads.

Square App Marketplace

The Square App Marketplace is a service for Merchants where they can browse and install app integrations developed by Square's third-party partners to better manage and expand their operations. These tools are built on top of our public APIs and are meant to complement existing first-party offerings or address functional gaps in order to keep vendors happy.

If you're interested in joining our team as an App Marketplace PMM, here's what you'll be doing: promoting the use of our partner apps' integrations among our Sellers and ensuring that they're paired with the most suitable partners. You'll collaborate with the creative and product teams to increase awareness of our ecosystem across all of our platforms. This position is a great opportunity to gain exposure to and experience with all of Square's offerings.

As an approved Square App Partner, you'll have access to Square App Marketplace, where you can promote and sell your apps to Square's merchants.

Weebly App Center

You can find new tools to improve your site at Weebly App Center. Integrate various tools and services into your site to make it more appealing to users from all over the globe. Once you've located the appropriate application, it installs immediately and opens in the Editor. There are many features and tools for customizing your website that were previously unavailable on Weebly, but are now accessible through the Weebly App Center.

A growing number of services are available through the Weebly App Center, from shipping and marketing programs to calendar and menu synchronizations. Weebly App Center will catalyze unprecedented growth for your site thanks to the plethora of creative individuals and forward-thinking businesses working tirelessly on brand new apps right now.

Wix App Market

If you're looking to improve your website or expand your business, look no further than the Wix App Market, which is stocked with more than 300 useful web apps. There are many third-party apps as well as Wix-made ones, such as Wix Stores and Wix Blog.

The vast majority are totally free, mobile-friendly, and simple to integrate into your site. There are free and paid versions of some apps, and some apps only offer the paid version.

WooCommerce Marketplace

For those who want to build an online market similar to Etsy or Amazon, the trendy WooCommerce Marketplace is perfect. It's also great for use as a no-frills online store. Using Gutenberg's blocks, the WooCommerce Marketplace gives you limitless options for personalization and adaptation. Additionally, the theme supports both full and wide blocks, and it features a variety of block patterns.

A multi-seller eCommerce website can be set up quickly and easily with WooCommerce Marketplace. The groundbreaking approach of the marketplace to selling extensions as paid add-ons is largely responsible for its phenomenal success. In retrospect, it was obvious that this was the best option, given that WooCommerce's paid extensions were necessary for the platform to fully take advantage of the massive potential of eCommerce and its many possible variations and integrations.

Zapier App Directory

Zapier is an automation utility that doesn't need coding and lets you link your applications into automated workflows, allowing individuals and businesses to advance at lightening speed. More than 5,000 third-party applications, including those from Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft, are compatible with it.

Zapier App Directory is a great way to showcase your application to customers. With a single line of code, you can incorporate Zapier's collection of connections into your own custom app directory. Your customers will be able to quickly and easily find common workflows and look through thousands of compatible applications.

You don't have to switch tabs to see all the events and interactions between applications in Zapier App Directory.

Zendesk Marketplace

Customers are more apt to buy from you if their interactions with your representatives are positive. Having the proper tools that work well together across your company is crucial to the success of your staff. That's why we built the Zendesk Marketplace—a central location where you can discover partners, applications, and tools that can boost agent efficiency, simplify processes, and boost customer happiness.

There's an answer to just about any problem among the Zendesk Marketplace's 1,200-plus premade applications and connections. Using this manual as a reference, you can pick out the best services for your company.

Zoho Marketplace

If you need an add-on for one of your Zoho products, you can find it and a thousand more in the Zoho Marketplace. Boost the fundamental features of your Zoho goods and accomplish more with the Zoho applications you already use.

You can integrate Zoho with your other company apps without having to learn any new programming languages. Streamline your company's processes, make your workplace more flexible, and encourage your employees to give their all in less time.

Using the Zoho Marketplace, programmers can now market their custom application solutions to the wider Zoho community and bring in new income streams. This does double duty by encouraging collaboration among Zoho users and rewarding originality and efficiency in design.


The current market and platform technology can provide sophisticated tools for managing complex components that usually take years to develop internally.

From basic listings where customers can compare SaaS products and be directed to a vendor to finish their purchases, to a full digital commerce experience where customers can buy and instantly deploy software, SaaS app stores and markets can offer a wide range of features.

Looking at the current state of the SaaS industry, it is easy to see that more and more app stores and platforms are cropping up to offer SaaS solutions, and there’s no stopping to this trend in this increasingly digital era.