10 Founders Share Their Secrets to Success & Passive Income

10 Founders Share Their Secrets to Success & Passive Income

In this inspiring roundup, 10 successful founders reveal the strategies and insights that propelled their ventures to success and enabled them to generate passive income.

From leveraging technology and embracing digital marketing to prioritizing customer feedback and adopting a growth mindset, these entrepreneurs share their diverse paths and practical advice for building sustainable businesses.

This compilation offers valuable lessons for anyone looking to embark on a similar journey of entrepreneurial success and financial independence.

This Founder Grew His Business to Over $500,000 In Less Than 2 Years

Ruiyi Chin turned his passion for design into a thriving business, Easlo, generating over $500,000 in less than two years by selling Notion templates. Starting with a background in minimal design and productivity, Chin recognized the gap in the market for user-friendly Notion templates.

Early customer acquisition strategies included leveraging Twitter and Product Hunt. Today, Easlo has grown significantly, with social media and SEO-optimized landing pages playing a key role in customer acquisition.

Chin's journey emphasizes the importance of delivering exceptional value, engaging with the audience, and continuously improving product offerings.

This Founder Grew His Business to Over $500,000 In Less Than 2 Years
Ruiyi Chin turned a passion for design into a $500,000 business selling Notion templates.

Growing a SaaS to Over $55,000 MRR

Mike, the founder of Upvoty, a user feedback tool for B2B SaaS companies, shares his journey of growing the business to over $55,000 MRR. Starting from identifying a need for structured user feedback during his previous venture, Mike leveraged a simple landing page and initial customer feedback to launch Upvoty.

Employing strategies like content marketing, "alternative to" Google Ads, and a built-in referral system, the company now enjoys consistent growth with a focus on staying lean and prioritizing product development over scaling up the team size. Mike emphasizes the importance of building a product that fulfills personal fulfillment alongside business success.

Growing a SaaS to Over $55,000 MRR
Discover Mike’s entrepreneurial journey in this exclusive interview, where he shares insights on building Upvoty, a user feedback tool transforming B2B SaaS companies.

How This Founder Grew His Platform to 7,000 Users Without Paid Ads

Roman Medvedev, founder of AppstoreSpy, details his journey to growing the platform to 7,000 users without paid advertising. AppstoreSpy, a mobile app intelligence platform, leverages data analysis and machine learning to offer insights on competitors in the app market.

Starting with a Google Chrome extension and expanding to a comprehensive web service, AppstoreSpy has seen a 113% growth in four months, largely through organic growth, strategic partnerships, and community engagement.

Roman emphasizes the importance of data-driven decisions, user engagement, and continuous product development, highlighting his path without relying on traditional paid marketing strategies.

How This Founder Grew His Platform to 7,000 Users Without Paid Ads
AppstoreSpy collects information from various sources and extracts key insights about app competitors.

How to Build an AI Marketing Product and Generate $55,000 in 10 Months

Sveta Baym's journey from project manager to co-founding FounderPal.ai and MakerBox.club showcases the transition to building AI marketing products while adopting a digital nomad lifestyle.

With FounderPal.ai, they aimed to solve personal branding challenges on Twitter, achieving $55,000 in revenue within 10 months. Their success was fueled by bootstrapping, leveraging free marketing avenues like Twitter, Product Hunt, and using no-code tools for product development.

This emphasizes the power of starting small, deeply understanding your audience, and the strategic use of digital platforms for growth.

How to Build an AI Marketing Product and Generate $55,000 in 10 Months
Tell us a bit about yourself and your business I’m Sveta Baym co-Founder of FounderPal.ai and MakerBox.club. Around ten months ago, I quit my full-time job as a project manager to focus on my indie projects. So currently, I’m building marketing products, growing my brand, and living

This Chartered Accountant Is Building a Profitable Notion Side Business

Sanat Biswal, a Chartered Accountant from India, shares his venture into building a profitable side business using Notion, a no-code tool. Sanat crafts and sells digital finance products like Budget Trackers and Debt Trackers on platforms like Gumroad and ProductHunt.

Starting in January 2023, his journey from giving away free templates to witnessing a significant growth in revenue, highlights the power of community engagement, strategic marketing, and leveraging no-code platforms. His story underscores the potential of digital entrepreneurship and the impact of providing valuable, user-friendly solutions.

This Chartered Accountant Is Building a Profitable Notion Side Business
My name is Sanat Biswal, a.k.a theaccountantguy. I am a finance professional and a Chartered Accountant from India. My expertise lies in simplifying finance and providing easy-to-understand financial solutions in the form of digital products developed in Notion. As a business, I started selling these digital financial products,

Built With AI Club's Journey to $2k in Monthly Revenue

Garrett Houghton, founder of Built With AI Club, shares his journey to $2k in monthly revenue by teaching people to build AI products and services without code. Starting with personal projects, he recognized the potential of combining AI with no-code tools for rapid product development.

Initial success came from featuring his AI itinerary builder in a popular newsletter, leading to his first customers. The business now offers multiple courses, growing through sponsoring AI newsletters and tech aggregators. Houghton emphasizes the importance of focusing on a niche, the challenges of balancing product development with marketing, and the value of building your own distribution channels.

Built With AI Club’s Journey to $2k in Monthly Revenue
Built With AI Club teaches anyone to build AI products, apps, and services with No Code. We help you turn your ideas into reality. Take one of our courses and go live in weeks, not months — no developers needed.

A Photographer's Journey to Success Through Full-Time Travel and Digital Products

Roman Fox, a London-based professional photographer specializing in slow travel and street photography, shares his success story of doubling the revenue and growth of his YouTube channel, which has amassed over 83,000 subscribers since its inception in 2018.

Transitioning from an engineering background to pursuing photography full-time, Fox's journey highlights the strategic content creation for YouTube, the significance of a passionate and engaged online community, and the entrepreneurial mindset that transformed his hobby into a viable business.

His approach emphasizes quality over quantity, sustainable growth, and diversifying income streams through digital products, sponsorships, and direct engagement with his audience​

A Photographer’s Journey to Success Through Full-Time Travel and Digital Products
Roman Fox is a professional photographer in London specializing in slow travel and street photography. He currently runs a YouTube channel where he talks about photography and travels to inspire other people.

Achieving $3,900 MRR with the Ultimate Self-Learning App

Dominic Zijlstra shares his journey creating Traverse, the self-learning app that reached $3,900 MRR by incorporating note-taking, visual learning through mind maps, and flashcards with spaced repetition for effective knowledge acquisition.

Initially struggling to learn Chinese, Zijlstra's solution came from his own learning challenges, leading to Traverse's development to fill a market gap. The app's growth was driven by strategic use of Reddit, Twitter, and Product Hunt for user acquisition, targeting individual learners in complex fields like Mandarin and machine learning.

Traverse's success underscores the importance of addressing personal pain points and leveraging community platforms for growth​.

Achieving $3,900 MRR with the Ultimate Self-Learning App
Traverse founder Dominic Zijlstra shares his journey to creating the ultimate self-learning app

Scaling a Content Planner Company to $500,000

Kim Doyal successfully scaled her content planner company, Create It Company, to $500,000 by leveraging her extensive experience in online business and digital marketing.

She transitioned from a previous planner venture to launching a new brand that offers both physical and digital content planners, including PDF and Notion versions, complemented by bonus training courses.

Her strategy focused on targeted paid traffic, catering to specific audience segments such as digital marketers, creators, and planner enthusiasts. Doyal emphasizes the importance of continuity, personal branding, and utilizing a mix of digital tools and platforms for business growth.

Scaling a Content Planner Company to $500,000
I have my personal brand where I write email newsletters, about all things digital marketing, with a podcast and coaching and courses. Then I have a new brand that I launched at the end of 2022 called Create It Company which sells a physical and digital content planner.

Development Agency Reaches $10,000 MRR

Jeremy Scatigna co-founded Subtledev, a development services provider that helps startups create their Minimum Viable Product (MVP) by offering comprehensive support from branding and design to development.

Subtledev, leveraging a team with experience at major companies like Apple and Meta, has grown to $10,000 MRR through word-of-mouth and professional networking, aiming to surpass $1 million in revenue by year-end.

The company's success is attributed to a focus on AI integration and establishing partnerships with startup incubators, accelerators, and venture capital firms

Development Agency Reaches $10,000 MRR
Subtledev, founded by Jeremy Scatigna, is a game-changing development services provider that is transforming the way businesses approach their technological needs.